Thursday, February 25, 2016

Different Kinds of Driver Truck Jobs

Are you looking for a driver truck jobs? It’s not like any other driving job, so you can bet it’s not going to have the same regular requirements. There are also different kinds of driver truck jobs, so you have to make sure to learn about what specific type you want versus what you’re applying for.

Dry Van Puller

A dry van is simply a truck that delivers non-perishable goods. It could be bags of chips, dried spices and herbs, crackers, canned goods, and more. New drivers usually get into the industry through this particular truck job because it’s the easiest among the different types.


If there is a truck specifically for non-perishables, there’s also a truck specifically for liquids. Tankers carry all and any types of liquid, whether it be gasoline, water, milk, or even chemicals and gases. Because of the highly sensitive and flammable content it carries, the tanker driver must undergo special training to make sure that the liquid in the tanker will not spill over on the road.

Car Haulers

This truck driver transports cars within a container van. It can be from a port to a local showroom, or from a factory to major store. Because of the huge value assigned to the lot, just think of the cost of each car in there, it follows that the pay may also be just as much.

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