Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DOT Physical Exam Requirements for Auto Haul Jobs

If you are considering a career in the auto haul industry, then you need to know about the DOT physical examination. According to law, you cannot drive a commercial vehicle with weight more than 10,000 pounds without passing the DOT physical examination.

Once you have the certificate, you can apply for a Commercial Driving License (CDL) and proceed to finding jobs in the field.

Validity of DOT

You will receive the medical certification from a DOT-approved examiner, and it will be valid for 2 years. The examination results will be electronically stored in CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System). You will need to be re-examined after the 2 year period.

Driver Exemption Program

Drivers who are unable to pass the DOT examination due to reasons such as vision, hearing, diabetes, and physical impairments, can be eligible for Driver Exemption program under certain conditions.


Self-certification is the process of submitting a declaration to the state driver’s licensing agency (SDLA) stating that you are intending to drive commercial for an auto haul company or within the industry.

Military Veterans

According to the recently implemented FAST Act, former troop members of the military can have their DOT done through one of the Veteran’s Administration facilities authorized to conduct the physical examination.

As a professional driver, your physical fitness matters. This will ensure that you can participate in hauling activities and can drive huge vehicles without any issues or health complications.

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