Thursday, May 26, 2016

Working with Auto Haul Companies: CDL Eligibility

Before looking into becoming a professional driver for auto haul companies, you must know if you’re eligible for the job. First off, you will need to get a commercial driving license (CDL) prior to filing your job application. Note that many companies provide CDL training themselves to candidates with a reputable history of trucking.

Your Age

In most of the states, you can get a CDL at the age of 18. However, note that according to federal regulations, you can only legally drive once you are 21. You should check with your state to see what their exact age requirements are. In addition, some qualifications require you to spend at least one year driving a commercial vehicle before getting hired.

Educational Qualifications

Most companies or training institutes in the United States require the individual to hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent before applying for CDL programs.

Medical Examination and Language

You will be required to undergo the regular Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination to be medically certified to become a commercial driver. As for the language, you will need to speak and read English fluently to understand street signs and converse with people.

Note that the requirements may vary from state to state. Prior to applying for trucking jobs or examinations, it is best to review the individual requirements of your state.

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