Friday, March 18, 2016

A Look on Having Your Commercial Driver’s License

For those looking to shift careers, being an auto hauler might be a good option. For starters, the compensation is very competitive. There's also the opportunity to travel all across the country as you pick up cars from manufacturing plants and deliver them to vehicle dealerships.

That being said, you're expected to drive heavy trucks designed to carry tons upon tons of payload. To put it bluntly, you current driver's license isn't going to cut it in this field. If you want a future in auto hauling, you'll need what is called a commercial driving license.

The first step to getting one is to thoroughly study your state's Commercial Driver’s Licensing (CDL) Manual, which can usually be downloaded from your state DMV's website.
Next, it's time to apply for a Commercial Learners Permit or CLP. This permit allows you to practice driving heavy trucks on public roads with the assistance and presence of a CDL holder.

If all goes well, you'll be able to earn your CLP and proceed to the actual testing and application for the CDL. Before this, though, you need to hold a CLP for at least 14 days. The examination actually involves three skill tests: the Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Controls Test, and Road Test.

Do note that auto hauling companies will also require varying amounts of on-road experience from applicants, so be sure to check their job listings carefully, too. With enough hard work, you’ll soon be part of this exciting and lucrative industry.

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