Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcoming Veterans into the Workforce

There's a reason why servicemen are called America's finest. After all, how many people voluntarily sign up for the grueling training and long deployments around the world? However, there's a serious problem that servicemen face after their tour of duty.

According to the Labor Department, about 3.9 per cent of the 20 million veterans in the country are unemployed. The good news is that this number represents a seven-year low. A huge part of this decline is the law passed in 2011 that grants tax credits to private companies for hiring veterans.

Indeed, this initiative recognizes that veterans gained important skills during their military days, and that these skills can be transferable to civilian jobs. For instance, some car hauling companies are willing to waive experience requirements if a veteran has extensive experience driving heavy equipment during their service. Instead, they undergo a crash course training program that teaches them the skills and protocols involved in car hauling.

Even better, employers also enjoy a host of benefits from hiring veterans. Military people are trained to have a mission-based mindset. They are also no strangers to hard work, as they are required to undergo intense training from the moment they enter bootcamp. Lastly, they are independent and can be relied on to perform a job with minimal supervision.

While driving veteran unemployment to zero remains a challenge, it is heartening to know that more employers are seeing the value in hiring these brave men and women.

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